Jill & Murray Show Horses

Providing training, showing, and clinics on the AQHA and NSBA horse shows. Located in San Marcos, CA, Jill and Murray's program produces many successful competitors at the top level of AQHA competition.

Active Care Wellness- Chiropractor

Providing individual professional care to allow for optimal recovery and function. We deliver hands-on care aimed at treating orthopedic and sports soft tissue injuries to help give you a faster more effective recovery and get you back to your active lifestyle!

Executive Transformation - Dave Bess

Executive Transformation gives men certainty and accountability. The foundation of the program is built on a community of other driven men going through the same resistance in life. I am the glue that holds it together.

Peace Wellness Center

At Peace Wellness Center we offer a wide range of treatments that work together to enhance our patients’ wellbeing as a whole rather than just focusing on the symptomatic issues present. Every patient’s treatment plan is unique and designed to treat the individual’s current health and their desired future goals. Most treatment plans utilize a host of different therapies and other available modalities.

Desert Sun Embroidery

At Desert Sun Embroidery, we specialize in custom and contract embroidery, screen printing, and supply a variety of promotional products. We offer great services for corporate identity, special events, trade-shows, sports logos, uniforms, and personalized gifts. Serving customers from all over the state as well as nationwide, we are conveniently located in the northwest valley of Phoenix.

Karri Owens Designs

Equine Marketing and Design Solutions

Dedicated to supporting a wide range of equine businesses, registration organizations, established equine facilities, equine retail business, training facilities, or ranch/breeding start-up businesses.

Hellman Therapeutics

Providing in-home custom massage therapy 

Serving the greater Phoenix area, other locations by appointment.


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