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What a blessing to know Leslie, not only is his craft excellent in every way, but he is also a genuine and intelligent man that truly lives to serve others. God has blessed him with creative ways to help anyone and everyone around him and he is diligent to use his talents to serve others. As a professional athlete at the time of 25 years old I started receiving deep tissue massage therapy to help with my flexibility and recovery. Throughout my competitive 25 years, while traveling nationally and abroad, I sought out these type of services and can honestly say, “Leslie is one of the best physical therapists I’ve met”.

His work is creative and complete. Somehow God has anointed him with a gift of understanding everyone and their specific needs.

I value my time with him and wish it was more consistent, but living in separate states doesn’t help!

Thanks to AQHA horse shows, I can see him throughout the year.

Thank you, my friend, for caring!

Monica Brant

International Professional Fitness Athlete & Model

25 years of Competitive Fitness & Figure Shows
IFBB Fitness Olympia 1998

Elizabeth Beauchant (Indiana) says that when she met Leslie she was under a lot of traditional medical/doctor care.  “I had been through a great deal of testing and was in physical therapy.  I’d been under doctors’ care for over 9 months and none of them could figure it out.  They took x-rays and just said I had arthritis,” she says.

​“I’m 40 years old and had always been active—playing 2½ hours of basketball each day until I was 35.  When all of this happened, it was life-changing and none of the doctors could figure it out.  I didn’t have an accident that I knew of—not like I’d fallen from a horse or was in a car wreck.

“I couldn’t do normal daily chores.  I couldn’t move a bucket of water, ride a bicycle, and even had trouble getting on and off the toilet.  I bumped into Leslie accidentally at the NSCA World Show.  By the way I was moving, he could tell that I was in a lot of pain,” she says.

​“He approached me about it, so I met with him to see if he could help.  He is truly a lifesaver.  At the time I met him I could not live a normal life.  I now believe in him so deeply that a few years ago I flew him to Indiana to work on my dad.  Now he visits Indiana every couple months,” Elizabeth says.

​“He has gotten me back on a horse.  Before he started working on me, I wasn’t able to sit on a bicycle, let alone a horse!  I couldn’t lift my leg to get over the top of a bicycle.  I’d been an equestrian my whole life, so it was a devastating change for me.  If I lay down on my kids’ bed to read to them at night, I couldn’t get up off the bed because of the pain.  Leslie is a good, kind person who saved my life and is now a dear friend.”

Cami Claypool is another client (Ohio) who is very grateful for what he does.  She and her husband at Claypool Ranch train horses for customers, and she specializes in performance horses—both English and Western.  “We have a customer-based business.  We show, but our main business is focused on our clients.  We have all benefited from Leslie’s help,” she says.

“As horse trainers, we have long runs of horse shows with multiple classes and multiple horses every day.  My clients, when Leslie works with them, all ride better.  They sit straighter and are more functional and efficient in the saddle, and their horses respond better.  I call him a body mechanic because I can’t describe what he does.”

Cami met Leslie 5 years ago when he first came to the Madness.  My husband was chatting with him one night and said that when he gets off his horses he has shooting pain up through his leg, hip and back.  Within minutes, Leslie diagnosed the problem and had him in the next day to work on, and had him fixed,” Cami says.

“He cares about his clients, and follows up with text messages to see how you are doing.  He also gives other health advice, and it’s nice to know that he really cares.”

Leslie Kilgore (Arizona) has also been a client.  “I’ve known him for about 8 years and he is very advanced in his techniques.  I work out all the time, and when he became my therapist he started doing deep tissue massage, cupping, scraping, and has also used the Nuebie on me—which is just incredible.  He always tells you exactly what he is doing, and he keep up to speed on all the new innovations of massage and how to keep the body centered,” she says.

“He also has treated my daughter, who is 19.  She dances and has issues, so he has really helped her with pain management.  She has osteopenia (loss of bone mass, with bones becoming weaker) and he’s given her tips on how to keep that at bay.  I also have a son with cerebral palsy.  Leslie has treated him on multiple occasions, helping him with his spinal problems, and several ankle injuries.  This really helped my son get back up and walking,” she says.

“You don’t realize how bad you feel until he works on you and you feel so much better; the pain is gone, or you can stand up straight again.  I have a bicep issue that gives me problems all the time.  I call him and ask when he can come back again to take care of me—and he is always willing.  That’s the nice part; he is a very caring individual.”

He also is explains everything he does, the entire time he is working on a client.  “He makes it enjoyable, with his great personality.  I recommend him to everyone!  I’ve been with him at some of the horse shows, and he has his full heart into helping those people,” she says.

Jennifer Lynch (Dothan, AL) says that when Leslie started message school, she was the guinea pig before he started working on clients.  “As each of his certifications grew, he would practice on me.  In 2014 I had an injury when I fell--in an airport in Atlanta--on an escalator, which cut my leg and broke my wrist.  I couldn’t write, couldn’t move it.  He had just gotten his certification in myofascial release from John Barnes, and he is the reason I can write again.  I was going to sessions in hand therapy but it wasn’t helping, and would feel worse afterward.  I was also going to generic therapy for my leg; I was hospitalized after the accident and the injury became infected,” she says.

The wrist was sprained in place, even though the radius was shattered.  “If it wasn’t for Leslie, I would not have been able to write fast again or go back to nursing.  I’ve seen him work on other clients and they are amazed by the mobility and flexibility they regain.  Sometimes the pain is in another part of the body, but when he works on the actual problem area, it alleviates the other pain,” she says.

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